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    The Expedition Case is the ultimate accessory for Timor watch enthusiasts. Crafted for those who appreciate durability, this rugged case is designed to protect your watch.

    With its distinctive 'Black Oxide' coating and a range of vibrant interchangeable inserts, you can express your unique style while safeguarding your watch in any environment.

    Please note that the Expedition Case is a standalone accessory and requires a compatible Timor watch.


    Frequently asked questions

    The Black Oxide coating naturally develops a unique patina as it interacts with your environment and daily wear. It will show scratches, marks, and signs of use, making your Expedition Case truly one-of-a-kind.

    The rate at which the patina develops varies based on factors such as usage and environmental conditions. You can expect to see the first signs in a couple of week and expect it to become more noticeable over time.

    Interchangeable bevels are colored rings that can be easily swapped onto the Expedition Case. They allow you to customize the appearance of your watch accessory to match your style or mood.

    Yes, you can purchase additional bevels separately to expand your customization options.

    The Expedition Case is specifically designed to fit Timor Heritage Field WWW & ATP and Modern Field 100M watches. It is not compatible with watches from other brands or different Timor models.

    Yes, you can purchase replacement Core on its own if you need to replace it.