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Heritage Field

Heritage Field



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The Original Combat Field Watch

Militaries have long needed accurate timekeeping. When the stakes are high, only the most reliable, precise tool will do. This need was principally fulfilled with civilian timepieces. During the Second World War, the British War Office, found that no civilian timepiece could meet the extreme demands of the modern combat they faced. They charged twelve companies to build a watch, fit for the realities of warfare, that soldiers faced in the trenches.


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The Heritage Field

The Case

The Heritage Field is built from high-grade steel for maximum durability. The case has a bead blasted finish that, unlike brushed or polished finishes, will age beautifully with time.

The Movement

We are offering two incredible Swiss movements; a hand wound calibre just like the original, as well as a high-grade automatic calibre. Both movements are built by Sellita, especially for Timor

The Heritage

The Heritage Field is more than just another homage. It has a direct linage to the quintessential military wristwatch.

The Crystal

Made from sapphire, our crystal is one of the hardest materials known to man. It has been chosen to help prevent scratches, and keep the watch looking pristine, even in demanding conditions.

The Dial

The dial features beautifully lumed pips at all the major indices for impressive legibility. The hands boast Timor's signature lumed tips, that allow precise timekeeping, even in total darkness.

The Straps

Each watch comes with a modern seatbelt NATO in black. We also offer our seatbelt nato in two other colours. We have a limited run of replica AF0210. The soldiers of WWII often wore their Timor watches on an AF0210 webbing strap, and this was the predecessor to the modern NATO.

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Where it all started

Our History


Timor Established

Mr Bernheim and Mr Luthy founded Timor in La Chaux-de-Fonds, nestled in the heart of the Jura mountains. Their aim was to provide fine Swiss watches, that where built to stand up to everyday life. By the end of the year, they began to export watches throughout Europe and Timors reputation began to grow.


Trust Timor, It's Tested

Timor focused on expertly testing every watch that left the factory. This focus led to Timor becoming a household name in Britain, Germany and France throughout the 1930s. This reputation was reinforced by the iconic strapline; Trust Timor, It's Tested.


More Than Meets The Eye

Timor is one of the first watchmakers to build a watch for the partially sighted. Equipped with a hinged opening crystal and brail numerals this allowed the blind to track time in a whole new way.


The Military Relationships begins

At the beginning of world war 2, The British Army needed watches for its troops fighting overseas. They acquired watches from many brands under the new Army Trade Pattern or A.T.P. These watches where often civilian watches slightly modified to meet a the hurried specification issued by the British Army. Timor was one of the few that built a whole new watch just for the British Army.


A Legend is Born

During WWII, the British Military issued a new strict specification for the first watch that could endure the rigours of the battlefield. This specification is known as W.W.W. Twelve companies fulfilled this order and became immortalised as the Dirty Dozen.


The Height Of Fashion

The swinging sixties saw Timor turn to fashion with a new line stylish minimal dress watches focusing on precious metals at an affordable price.


The Quartz Crisis

Like many watch brands Timor went dormant due to the increasing pressure from cheap quartz watches.


Pocket Watches

In the early 2000s, Timor was still recovering from the quartz crisis. Under the new owner, Mr Bolzli, Timor managed to survive to sell pocket watches at a competitive price point, inspired by out heritage designs from the 1940s and 1950s. These pocket watches proved popular in the far east and help bring Timor back from the brink.


Back To Our Roots

In 2015 we stopped manufacturing pocket watches to re-focused on building the watches that Mr Bernheim and Mr Luthy set out to build when they founded Timor almost 100 years ago. Affordable watches for the everyday. We began work on watch designs based around our most iconic watches from the second world war, the W.W.W and A.T.P watch issued to British troops.


A New Home In The UK

Timor's ties to the UK have always been strong and in 2018, we decided it was time to relocate our headquarters to the Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England.


Launch of the Heritage Field

75 years after the legend of the W.W.W was issued we are proud to release the long-overdue spiritual successor: The Timor Heritage Field.