Not Long Now

Not Long Now

Firstly I need to start with an apology. I got a little over-excited last month and misread the delivery date for the cases and dials. They will be arriving in early October and not early September. So I, unfortunately, don't have pictures as I promised last month. I'm sorry for getting everyone's hopes up.

However, I do have a pleasant surprise. The first batch of movements from Sellita arrived ahead of schedule. Our watchmakers have begun a strip down and thorough inspection.

Furthermore, I've started prepping the orders, and some of you will have already received your Kickstarter survey to gather your address. 

Don't worry if you haven't received your survey yet; I'm doing them in small batches, and you should get yours soon. If you think you may be moving before December, you can wait until you know your new address. I'll also be sending out confirmations before we ship to give you the last chance.

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