Production Differences

As promised, this is a comparison of the prototype watches with the final production version. There are two main differences, and they are both tweaks to the handset.

Firstly the second hand has been redesigned to match the original 1945 WWW more closely.

Secondly, the hour hand has been shorted very slightly to better fit the larger numerals like 10 and 11.

I hope you agree with me that these minor changes are welcomed.

As a side note, yes, this does indeed mean all the watches are now in the UK. Boxing will begin next week so expect another update at some time toward the end of next week. 

Thank you & stay safe,


Hi Alexandra,

All watches are now in the UK. This includes the hand-wound versions which arrived in on Friday. We are expecting two weeks of QC and packaging which should mean we will begin shipping the second week of December. I’m confident we will ship every pre-order in 2020.

Thank you,

Benjamin Briggs November 23, 2020

Hi Benjamin,

thanks a lot for the comparison. I appreciate the modifications very much.

You have written that “all the watch” are now in UK. But not the ones with a hand wound movement, correct? Because of the Brexit and upcoming taxes in 2021, I’m getting a bit nervous …

Best regards from Germany/Alexandra

Alexandra November 23, 2020

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